Olivia Descampe

>> What is the „Botanical Catwalk“ <<

The Botanical Catwalk is a series with a special focus on the female figure in synergy with nature and the loss of identity. This is achieved by cutting and layering retro fashion and botanical imagery creating a work of art with a particular vision of beauty.

This combination of two completely recognizable elements merging into a new meaning without necessarily erasing their original content is a key factor in the research and working process.

The simplicity of the process itself is a harmonious balance between selecting and collecting the images before cutting and pasting them into a whole new context. By doing so an image that may seem very banal at first transforms itself.

>> Who is Olivia Descampe <<

In a time when digital technology makes it so much easier to fuse disparate forms together and make them one, there is a natural, tactile quality to physical collage that cannot be replicated on a screen. Her innate instinct for collecting visual forms has pushed her to focus ever more energy on her pieces. Having grown up in an artistic environment due to her mother being a fanatical art collector, Olivia pursued an education in interior architecture and product design, but it was only after moving to Berlin that she developed her passion for collage. Starting with a curious collection of postcards found in a shop near her home, what started as a means of relaxation became a serious artistic practice once she discovered her talent for bringing together independent imagery to create something new.

Olivia was born in Paris, grew up in Brussels and is now calling Berlin her home for the better part of 2 years.