Finissage of Kuriharas exhibition and Wide Scope presents 5 minutes Sets!

* * *

Friday, the 3rd of November at 9 pm

* * *

Wide Scope presents 5 minutes Sets!
Live 21:00-
////Ken Mutant (voice)
////Gift! (guitar,drum)
////Flusspulss (guitar, synth)
////Andi Zant (electronics)
////Adam Goodwin (double bass)
////Tatsumi Ryusui (guitar)
////Zanderhythm (Keybord)
////Kurihara (no input)
////Shoxxxx (Melodica)
////Ememe (electronics)
////Chuuu (neonlight)
////Michiyasu Furutani (dance)


Mex Schlüpfer als Francois Villon

* * *

Friday, the 6th of October at 9 pm

* * *

Der Volksbühnen Star Mex Schlüpfer haucht dem grandiosen Dichter Francois Villon („ich bin so wild auf deinen Erdbeermund“) endlich neues Leben ein und gibt seiner Nachbarschaft die einmalige Chance, Zeuge seiner beliebten Ruhestörung zu werden.


Dance Performance by Yuya Fujinami


* * *

Friday, the 15th of September at 8 pm

* * *

Yuya Fujinami will be a part of the event Das Herz Ryoko Uchida Solo exhibision and they are collaborating with Ryokos creation. He will perform on the 15th September around 21pm and 23pm.

Dance and concept: Yuya Fujinami
Music: Chikara Aoshima
Costume: Ryoko Uchida

Yuya Fujinami began his dance and gymnastics education in Japan and upgraded his studies at the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier. After graduation, he worked in different theaters in Europe and had the opportunity to be next to Jan Pusch, Stephan Thoss, Roy Assaf, Douglas Thorpe, Katrin Hall, Yuki Mori, Annabelle Bonnery amongst other international choreographers. During his engagement with the theaters, Yuya choreographed and collaborated with artist such as Olaf Bender (Raster-Noton), Interdans and Congress Innsbruck. Since 2015 he is a freelancer based in Berlin and has performed with Constanza Macras, Stella Zannou, Massimo Gerardi, Ania Aristarkhova. In 2017 his collaboration with Emmanouela Dolianiti in the piece “memini” received the award of the audience for the Best Duo 2017 at the 9. Internationales SoloDuo Festival in Cologne.

Vernissage „Das Herz“ von Ryoko Uchida und Musik von Chikara Aoshima


* * *

Friday, the 8th of September at 8 pm

* * *

Chikara Aoshima
was born in Hamamatsu, Japan. He started playing drum about 14 years old. Chikara entered Pan School of Music. There he played with a number of bands. ZANZO was one of them which is a Progressive Electronic Rock band. He performed in SXSW 2005 in Austin, Texas. In 2007, he entered to Berklee College of Music in Boston the U.S. During the school days, he started making electronic music. In 2011, he graduated from Berklee College of Music. In 2012, two of his tracks featured by Sup peeps record from London the UK In 2013, his album Close Down was released from Somehow recording in the UK. He moved to Berlin in Germany and he focuses on combining between Electronic music, Acoustic music and visual arts. In 2014, he joined Locust Fudge. It was founded by Schneider (a.k.a. Dirk Dresselhaus of Schneider TM, Angel, ex-Hip Young Things etc.) and Krite (a.k.a. Christopher Uhe, ex-Speed Niggs, ex-Sharon Stoned, ex-Floor etc.). Since 2013, he\’s been based in Berlin and playing mainly Rock, Jazz and Electronic music.

Null sterne Hotel

* * *

Friday, the 1th of September at 8 pm

* * *

“Null Sterne Hotel” is a visual, music piece integrating operatic singing, electronic soundscape and video- art, singly performed by the opera singer and dancer Niva Eshed  who performs, parallel

In both languages: the vocal and the physical. Singing the literal and dancing away the underlined subtexts

Hamuchtar; wrote, composed, directed and is behind the video-art. The prose texts were translated to German by Miri Kämpfer . The texts is a testimonial confessions of a suicidal woman reflecting on spiritual collisions with fellow human beings and their patterns of behaviour. Dramatically the piece is set in a shabby no-star hotel, where the female hero, who has just had a terrible night with a very unpleasant stranger, is rising from her own emotional ashes and pulling herself together to fight the new looming war that promises a new day. The music is rich with electronic arpeggios and corresponds with early electronic music compositions from the 60is. The vocal melodies are written too in modern classical fashion with strong references to German lieder composers as Schubert and Mahler

The Video-art is a collage of visual underlining references mending the overall narrative of bipolar sensational feelings evolving in that female hero’s worn-out soul in that shabby no star hotel.


* * *

Friday, the 18th of August at 8 pm

* * *

Music by Johnny Zabala ( Lo-Fi-Blues) and Lyrics from Nepomuk von Schprach


* * *

Friday, the 14th of July at 8 pm

* * *

Music by Sunday Luv, Ken Mutant, Gift, Adam Chulk and many more

hair spelling peace!
performance by lady gaby, accompanied with live music by ken shakin

After the performance music by Markus Schwill

* * *

Saturday, the 10th of June 2017- 8 pm

* * *

the hair spelling performance is part of THE PEACE PROCESS:::PROJECT::


through offerings and collection from the public i intend to put spells on wars and spread to realise PEACE…
through spokenwords and sounds i intend to SHOW peace AND humanity
though noise from war objects i intend to show the reality of wars, turbulence and destruction

* * *

Markus Schwill aka OhmnMarkus Schwilloise is a Berlin artist. His main focus on these days is the research and manipulating, in a positive way, of the human and universal soul. His experiments and knowledge are integrating into a ritual-performance based on ancient intuition and modern technologies. He calls his performances SOFTWAR, to create an aesthetic acceptable contention in reference to our inner world and the actual daily horror news. He works since 1981 in the fields of wired music, added video and fine arts later on and was a curator for hundreds of events in the Berlin alternative art-scene.

Finissage „Embalming“ von Chuuu und Musik von Sisen Murasaki und Wide Scope Experimental

* * *

Friday, the 14th of April 2017- 5 pm

Pythia: Reclaim the Divine Feminine and music by Gene Serene

* * *

Friday, the 7th of April 2017- 8 pm

We have wandered among feral felines, daydream believers, truthseekers, freedom fighters, and riot grrls. We live among wolves and sleep under the glow of the moon. We write fortunes and tell stories to strangers. We have mapped our way to nowhere and imagined the end of days. We are karmic soldiers inciting an insurrection of subjugated knowledge…

Welcome to a night of ritual, magic, storytelling, and interactive performances curated by Femina Non Grata:

XaNa (Italy)

„I am the Divinatory Body, I’m an instrument to interrogate in order to receive an answer. My body is your connection with the Divine World…“

XaNa makes herself available for divinatory consultation through her body, which acts as a sacred tool inspired by the ancient practice of sacred sex.

Verónica Mota (Mexico/Germany)

Verónica Mota presents a sacred rite for the Goddess Kali, the embodiment of Mother Nature, the goddess of life, death, transformation, destruction, endings and beginnings.

Mota is a sound artist (known as Cubop and Espectra Negra) who composes experimental music on surrealism, dream territories and human subconscious. As ritualistic noise producer Espectra Negra, she researches shamanism, the occult and paganism.

Sabia Khan (UK/Germany)

The „New Warrior“ stages the female seductive power and the law of looks. Sabia Khan’s performance work is inspired by ancient rituals, meditation techniques, and prayer. She investigates practices to celebrate the realities of the supernatural and to discover their societal place and position today. Performance art is a vehicle for her to experience space and energy.

Elle Peril (USA)

From a childhood obsession with Greek myths and witch hunts to traumatic experiences of sexual shame as a young woman, Elle Peril reveals how she discovered the witch within through an interactive storytelling experience.

Elle Peril uses text and performance to interrogate gender and identity.

Angel Callandar (Canada), Aggie Davies (UK), & Elle Peril (USA)

In this participatory book project, audience members are invited to contribute texts, songs, quotes, poems, and stories to the compilation of a live text comprised of suppressed women’s voices. As we rewrite the narrative from the perspective of the persecuted, the text reveals sacred truths and an alternate history denied by authorities and institutions of power.

* * *

Gene is a storyteller, a powerful and engaging performer, she captivates her audience with her inimitable voice.
The British sensation’s previous existence was as one of the queens of electro in Berlin during it’s hedonistic 00s. during this time she lived in both London and Berlin and released records with:
S’Express, Calvertron, DJDownfall, Chris Lake, Punx Soundcheck, MrC, Barry Ashworth, LoverushUK, Traumschmeire and more.
Gene’s career has taken her to far away places and she’s entertained at venues and events including Glastonbury Festival (lost vagueness) , Tachelles (berlin), Tartu Port Theatre (Estonia) The End (London), Volksbuhne (Berlin), Sala del Cel (Girona), Crowbar (New York), Marquee (London), Stiftung Starke (Berlin), The Jamm (London) , Evol (Liverpool), St Pancras Old Church (London), Death Disco (new York), Madame Jojos (London) as well as being a regular at the infamous Kashpoint parties she’s been on the bill of many clubs, exhibitions, parties and events across Europe.

Vernissage „Embalming“ von Chuuu und Musik mit Wide Scope Experimental and Sisen Murasaki

* * *

Friday, the 17th of March 2017- 8 pm

Wide Scope Experimental (live session) mit Ken Mutant, Dylan Bakker, Kurihara, Luca, Max, Gabriele
Widescope Sentimental and Various Vegetable AVJ Chuuu(AV) Eutechnik(AV) Purgis(Live shout dance bass drums) Vodor L Zeck(electronic) Mini-SekuriT(Gat-Sax-Vox)…

Sisen Murasaki

Muschelschlangensalon von Nepomuk von Schprach

* * *
Friday, the 10th of February 2017- 8pm
Ihr seid herzlich zum Muschelschlangensalon am Freitag, den 10.2.2017 um 20.00 Uhr in der Galerie Lottum eingeladen. Es liest Nepomuk von Schprach (Kristijan Trummer) und Gäste.

* * *


* * *

Friday 3rd of February 2017 – 6 pm
Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen Euch von Frank Lindenberg (Zeichner/ Maler) und Julia Tänzer (Fotografin) in der Galerie Lottum portraitieren zu lassen.


* * *


Wide Dcope Experiments

Friday 27th of January 2017 – 9 pm

* * *

Wide Scopes Eperiments present friends in sound and vision and music and noise
Chuu ( audio visual installation)
Dylan Bakker ( guitar,sound)
Gabriel (guitar, sound)
Ken Mutant (vocals)
Kurihara(Synth, sound)
Max (Keys, synth, sounds)
Luca ( bass, guitar…)

* * *



* * *

Friday 20th of January 2017 – 9 pm

Rollo van Beathoven, Manuel Bonik, Butterfly, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Mic Mikina, Mex Schlüpfer, Kristijan Trummer

* * *

Starting at JANUARY 20th 2017 , the extraordinary monthly evening event BLIND DATES will host musicians, poets, writers, visual and performing artists from different styles and provenance. They are kindly asked to deviate from their daily comfort zones, creative routines and professional conventions. Thus to create acts with artists they never teamed up with before. During the evening several Blind Dates will take stage to perform and improvise with materials, sounds, texts, styles, codes and visuals. Hosted by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and Mic Mikina, at the brand new venue GALERIE/PROJEKTRAUM LOTTUM, Lottumstraße 1, 10119 Berlin, Germany.

Ab dem 20.Januar 2017 wird BLIND DATES Musiker, Dichter, Schriftsteller, Ton-, Bild- Text- und darstellende Künstleinnen und Künstler willkommen heißen. In der monatlichen Abendveranstaltung sind die Teilnehmenden gebeten, von ihren Komfortzonen, Routinen und Konventionen abzuweichen um in einem der Blind Dates mit jenen Gästen zusammenzuarbeiten, mit denen sie noch nie zusammengearbeitet haben. In den dabei entstehenden kleinen Stücken darf frei mit Material, Stil, Code, Ton, Bild und Text improvisiert werden. Gastgeber sind Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt und Mic Mikina im brandneuen GALERIE/PROJEKTRAUM LOTTUM in Berlin Mitte, Lottum Straße 1, 10119 Berlin, Germany.

If you an artist interested to join, please contact :



Ein musikalischer Vortrag zur Galerieeröffnung und gleichzeitigen Vernissage der Ausstellung Neighbourhood von Zoppe Voskuhl. Janna Hasanović ist 1983 in Freiburg geboren, studierte Musik auf Lehramt an der UdK Berlin, und arbeitet als freiberufliche Cellistin und Cello- und Klavierlehrerin in Berlin. Ebenso spielt sie in der Band Maitri.

18.11.2016 ab 19 Uhr in der Galerie Lottum